Have You Ever Followed Up After a Job Interview?

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99% of job seekers never follow up after an interview. Just ask yourself from your experience if this is true or not? As expected, the answer is YES. Even for myself, never as a job seeker or as an interviewer. I’ve never received any form of follow up after an interview from any of my candidates except from recruiters asking if their candidate is successful or not.

Job Interview

Most job seekers having this thought that it will be offensive to the interviewer if they follow up after an interview. In matter of fact, I also had the same dogma. Only after I started to realize that following up after an interview is not actually a bad thing after all if done correctly. It will boost up your chance to secure the job. Lately, the competition in the job market is getting tougher everyday and you will need to create a unique competitive advantage for yourself. Following up will create that unique competitive advantage since not many will be doing that.

Interestingly, some job seekers commented that they are only comfortable to follow up if they feel they did well during an interview from the “positive” expression of the interviewer. Rationally, if the interviewer is giving you positive feedback, following up will be easier. However, even though the interviewer is not so positive, following up may be helpful to convince the interviewer to reconsider your application or at certain situation, will call you in for a re-interview.

If following up will help you to secure the job, then why many of us are not doing it? The simple answer is lack of awareness on how to effectively follow up. A simple way to effectively follow up is by sending a thank you note immediately after your interview session to thank your interviewer for spending his/her time with you and emphasize why you will be the best candidate for that job.

Give it a try and most likely the job offer will come in soon.

By Sarah Becker